We have 3 cages available to book in 30min slots: Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium, all named after our favourite US baseball venues. We aim to give you the same great experience in each of the cages; Wrigley Field is slightly shorter than the others but, we adjust the machines so that you get the same speed.

You are in control of loading the machines and when they fire so, you can decide how many balls you have per turn. You might choose to have 30min practice on your own or share with up to 4 friends. In 30min, you will probably be able to get around 5 or 6 rounds of 20 balls including reload time. If you want more time, you can book more than one cage or book more than one slot after the other.

The machines are set to fire at around 35mph, although they can go faster or slower. We use 'non-stinger' practice balls so, although you shouldn't get hit, if you do, it won't hurt or bruise. You should always be wearing a helmet in the cage and follow the other safety guidelines so, there's very little risk of injury. 

We also provide a tee in each cage so you can practice striking the ball without the machines firing at you

e provide a selection of bats but, if you play baseball or softball regularly and have your own bat, we are open to you bringing your own as long as you are happy to leave it behind the counter when you are not in the cage.

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