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Please bear in mind that right now we are having to deal with bookings a little differently. 



We are cleaning kit in between bookings and making sure that each cage is clean before you enter. This may take a couple of minuets before your booking, so please do not rush the staff whilst we are doing this.

There are sanitising pods at the entrance and around the bar, there are also pods outside each batting cage. Our cleaning schedule has been ramped up and each table and cage is cleaned before you seat/enter. 



You will be required to wear a shower cap under the batting whilst batting. These will be provided for you and are there to stop contact between bookings. We will of course be cleaning kit in between bookings, the kit you receive will be clean for your group.


We have a QR code for you to scan on the way into the bar. You must download an app called EvePass, information about this will be at the door once you enter. Fill in your details and then "check in" by scanning the QR code, once you leave please check out. This is to help track and trace. Your data will NOT be used for marketing purposes. Your data is held for 21 days on EvePass server. For more information about their policy see here 

If you start to feel unwell you must advise the NHS that you have vised our premises. 



We now have a table booking system in place. Please book a table if you are just coming in for drinks, you do not need to book a table if you are batting, if you are wanting to stay after batting you will need to book a table.

If you require any further information please get in touch.




We are only accepting card payments, no cash will be handled by our bar staff




What is it?


We are Base Mcr, a new and exciting way to spend your day or night out.

We have 3 Batting cages available for your pleasure, and a funky bar in a quirky railway tunnel! What's quite important to point out is that we are NOT a sports bar so, you wont see big screens and neon signs. Our bar stocks a variety of great ales, wines, spirits, cocktails and bar snacks.


What on earth is a Batting Cage?


Good question. A batting cage consists of a machine throwing a ball inside a, you’ve guessed it, a cage! We use special pitching machine balls, much like a real baseball. The ball is placed inside the machine on an automatic feeder, the ball is then thrown towards the batter. The batter stands at one end, with a bat, and will wait for the ball to be ‘pitched’ at them. When the ball arrives, we advise you to smack it and aim for a target.


Is it difficult to play?


We make sure the game is relatively simple to play and run you through some training prior to starting, we also make sure that the ball isn’t thrown at you at speeds of 100mph.

There are various targets to aim for, all scoring you different points. Whoever hits the most targets and scores the highest points at the end of your round wins.


Is it safe?


Yes, it’s perfectly safe. You will be provided with a helmet to wear whilst you’re in the cage and will receive safety training prior to your turn (this is just to make sure you're standing in the correct position). Even if you get hit by one of the balls, it's not going to cause any damage.


How many people can book?


We have 3 cages with a limit of up to 5 people per cage.  Don’t worry if you have more friends they’ll be right next to you if you've booked at the same times. There is a limit of 1 person in the cage whilst the machine is active. But, you’ll all get a turn.

Where is it?


You can find us just off Redbank in the very cool Green Quarter. Our address is: Unit 5, Millow Street, Manchester, M4 4DR.


Can I book on my own?


That’s the spirit, of course you can. For those that need extra practice ;)


Can I book for a group?​

If you are interested in a group booking and you would like to learn more about our packages, either drop us an email or complete a 'Contact Us' form. 

How long do we get/how many balls do we get?


Each booking is 30 mins but feel free to book twice if you want an hour. 

Is there a Bar?


Of course there is! We do advise not to be totally out of it prior to your booking, after all we want to make sure you don’t do anything silly, plus have you ever tried to hit a baseball drunk? Yep, not happening. Hand eye coordination is the key folks. As with everything, be sensible and everyone will get the best experience. 


Do you serve food?


We have a great range of hotdogs and nachos with cheese also we have bar snacks like pretzels, peanut butter pretzels and sweets.

Are Children allowed?


Under 18s are welcome before 7pm but we advise that Under 18's attend on a Sunday as this is a more family friendly atmosphere. We can also do private bookings for kids so, if you're interested in booking a party with us, please either drop us an email or fill in the "Contact Us" form. 


Is Base accessible?


Yes, we are fully wheelchair accessible. We will do our best to support anyone with additional needs in participating in the game. If you are a wheelchair user, please drop us  a message and let us know what type of chair you use so that we can make sure the cages are suitable for you. For anyone with other requirements, again, let us know what you need and we'll do our best to make sure you can get involved. Just be aware that the bar is located on a cobblestone hill so, this might prove difficult to traverse. If you need to bring a car directly outside the door, please let us know in advance and we can sort that on the night. 

Do I really have to book online?


We welcome walk-ins any day but please bear in mind that the cages may not be available straight away, or even at all. If you do not fancy booking a cage and would like to come check us out first, please do so, we have a great range of drinks on offer and an awesome setting! We’ll show you around and you’ll get to see how it all works.


Do I need to bring anything with me?


We advise wearing suitable clothing and footwear, ideally trainers or flat soled shoes and comfortable clothing. If you’re lucky enough to look under 18 then we advise you to bring your ID with you, we do operate a challenge 21 policy.

You’ll also need the lead booker's name upon arrival to confirm your booking.


Can I bring my own Bat or Helmet?


You don't need to as we have a range of bats and helmets but, if you really want to, you need to be happy leaving your equipment behind the counter when you're not using it. 

Can I change my ticket date or time?


We can't give you a refund but, please contact us at and we will try to re arrange your booking for you.


What time do I need to arrive?


Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking, this way we can show you the process and get you to sign our lovely waiver.


What happens if I'm late for my booking?

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking then your booking will be cancelled, please note bookings are non refundable. We advise if you are running late to contact us to see if we can move your time slot. 

Do you take card payments at the venue?


Yes we do. We accept both cash and cards.

Is there anywhere to park?


There are a few cheap, large car parks near the venue, just off Redbank. Parking is £2/£3 all day.

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